Terms and Services

1. Object
These Terms and Services (hereafter: T&Cs) govern the conditions of use applicable to the services provided by the server reachable via the internet address www.accordion-scores.com All of these services are referred to below: the Service.
The T&Cs can be reached at the web address
2. Definitions
* File: any information, data, text, software, music, sound, photography, image, graphic, video, message or any other digital item published, cited or linked on a blog and on the site.
* Subscription: refers to the provision of rights to use the accordion-scores.com site by Rhea Web Consulting, to Users against payment of a fee.
* User: any natural or legal person consulting or managing one or more files made available through the accordion-scores.com service.
* Webmaster: any natural or legal person with a legitimate administrative right of access to the entire Service (rights to add, delete and modify all files, suspension or cancellation of subscription).
3. Acceptance of these T & Cs
The consultation of files hosted by the Service and / or the registration for the use of one of the services offered or the participation in an event operation constitutes acceptance of these T & Cs, fully and without reservation.
4. Paid memberships
The Professional User can subscribe to one, and only one paid subscriptions to accordion-scores.com.
The subscription, management or termination of subscriptions is done directly on the accordion-scores.com site.
The offers and functions offered by accordion-scores.com are presented on the website www.accordion-scores.com.
The webmaster reserves the right to modify or delete his offers or create new ones. It can, moreover, modify the nature and the prices of the various Subscriptions, accounts, plans or functionalities at any time.
The changes or developments will apply to already existing user accounts.
Users using the service are informed that accordion-scores.com can update it at any time.
4-B. Payment and invoicing
The subscription fees are indicated in euros.
For Annual Subscriptions, payment will be debited once at the start of the period.
Payment for Subscriptions is made by credit card or bancontact by the service provider STRIPE.COM.
The User certifies that he holds all the rights and powers concerning the means of payment used.
The bank details of the Professional User are only known to the Stripe.com establishment and do not pass through the web server of the Company's website.
Information concerning payments is subject to automated data processing by STRIPE.COM.
This automated data processing aims to fight against credit card fraud.
The occurrence of an unpaid bill following fraudulent use of a bank card or an irregular declaration results in the registration of contact details relating to the payment of the subscription, on a payment incident file of the STRIPE.COM Company.
The Customer can consult the general conditions of STRIPE.COM by following the following link:
[https://stripe.com/fr/legal]. The terms of payment are defined by the STRIPE.COM platform.
The Company cannot be held responsible for any incident whatsoever which may occur as a result of the STRIPE platform.
The User must therefore refer directly to the platform to proceed with the payment of his order.
4-C. Duration of membership
The Subscription takes effect upon receipt by accordion-scores.com of payment of the corresponding price.
Therefore, accordion-scores.com makes available the paid services of accordion-scores.com to the User including the services in accordance with the membership he/she has taken out.
The duration of the membership is that mentioned on the Site on the day of the order. The Subscription is annual and carries tacit renewal under legal conditions.
4-D. Termination of the subscription
4-D-1 Voluntary termination
If desired, the User may terminate his subscription, by contacting the Company by any means, no later than 10 (ten) days before the expiration of the Term of the Subscription. Otherwise, the subscription is renewed for a new identical period.
The Subscription will then be terminated when it expires.
4-D-2 Forced termination
In the event of default on payment at the end of its term, or non-compliance with the conditions of use, the Subscription will be immediately suspended.
Thus, non-payment of the price and non-compliance with the T & Cs by the User, when due, automatically entails, without prejudice to any damages to which the Company could claim due to non-payment. :
- the immediate impossibility of access to the paid version of accordion-scores.com for the User;
- the modification of the User's user account into a free account.
- Definitive deletion of the user account

Upon receipt of payment of the price, the User benefits from his paid subscription.
In the absence of regularization, the subscription will be terminated.
The Company undertakes to keep the User's data thirty (30) days after the date of termination, unless legal obligations to the contrary.
Beyond that, the User's data may be destroyed without notice.
An automatic renewal system is in place on the site. To deactivate the function, you must go to the "manage my account" page and uncheck the "automatic renewal" box.
5. File hosting service
The User can access, under certain conditions, the accordion-scores.com file hosting service, allowing him to host any type of file on the accordion-scores.com servers, provided that the content of the files respects the law, the mentioned T & Cs, good morals as well as public order.
Any file deemed non-compliant by the Webmaster or by the Owner of the File concerned may be deleted at the sole discretion of the persons mentioned above and without notice or possible dispute.
6. Responsibility for Files
The Webmaster is in no way responsible for the Files published by the User.
7. Specific obligations of the user
The User undertakes to use the Files obtained during the use of the accordion-scores.com service only for lawful purposes, in compliance with the French legislation in force as well as these T & Cs.
The User undertakes to publish only Files resulting from his own creation. As part of the publication of Files resulting from the creation of other persons (natural or legal), the User undertakes to obtain the necessary authorizations for the dissemination, modification or reproduction of said File.
The User is responsible for any File posted by him/her on the accordion-scores.com service. He/She recognizes and accepts to assume the relative risks. The accordion-scores.com service assumes no responsibility for the Files posted by the User or any other information or communication from the User.
The User is responsible for any use contrary to the conditions set by these T & Cs.
8. Data protection
Subject to the contrary provisions of these T & Cs, the Webmaster acknowledges the confidentiality of the information that the User communicates to him when registering for one of the services offered and / or participating in an event operation and undertakes not to disclose this information to third parties.
The User has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him. To exercise these rights, the User contacts the Webmaster by email.
The Webmaster reserves the right to disclose statistics and general demographic information relating to the Users of the service, this information then being presented in a global and anonymous manner.

Any request for access, rectification or opposition to the processing of personal data can be sent through the address
9. Cookies
The Webmaster reserves the right to place a cookie when using the accordion-scores.com service, in order to record information relating to the use of the service. Some modules offered by the accordion-scores.com service require cookies to be enabled. The User may, however, oppose it by disabling this option in the settings of his browser.
10. Minimum authorized age
The use of the accordion-scores.com service is prohibited for natural persons under the age of 16.
11. Moderation and deletion of Files
The Webmaster can at any time trigger the moderation or the definitive deletion of a File if its content is deemed contrary to the T & Cs.

The Owner of a File may at any time request the moderation or permanent deletion of the File by sending a request through the contact form available at the address
support@accordion-scores.com To be taken into account, the request must, among other things, specify the address of the File to be moderated or deleted and come from the email address of the File Owner according to the information entered in the database of the accordion-scores.com service.
12. Limitation of warranty and liability
The Webmaster is in no way responsible for any loss, prejudice or direct or indirect damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from an interruption or malfunction of the partitions-accordeon.com service or one of the associated services. , this in particular in the event of a server failure, virus attack, hacking or other computer problem that has caused a partial or permanent interruption of the service.
The Webmaster does not guarantee that the functions offered by the partitions-accordeon.com service meet the requirements of Users or that the operation is uninterrupted, fast, secure, fully compatible with the User's hardware and software systems, error-free or devoid of any program or code intended to contaminate other programs. The User assumes all the costs of maintaining, repairing or correcting his own hardware and software incurred in using the partitions-accordeon.com service. The Webmaster is not responsible for the content of sites accessible through advertising banners that can be displayed, for any other external content provided directly or not by other websites as well as for external content linked by Users of the service. accordion-scores.com
Any other warranty, express or implied, is excluded.
13. Force majeure
Neither the Webmaster nor any third party participating in the provision of the service will be held responsible for any failure or delay in the execution of their obligations under these T & Cs, resulting from causes beyond their control, including and without any limitation of force majeure such as acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, riots, wars, acts of sabotage, network failures, electronic file coding errors, software limitations or inability to '' obtain telecommunications services or government measures.
14. Suspension or termination of the accordion-scores.com service
The Webmaster reserves the right to modify, interrupt or definitively stop the accordion-scores.com service or one or more of its components.
15. Amendments to the T & Cs
The Webmaster is likely to modify these T & Cs at any time. It is up to the User to regularly check the T & Cs in force. Any clause of these T & Cs which would be in total or partial contradiction with mandatory rules will be severable and any nullity, total or partial, of a clause will not affect the validity of the rest of the clause in question, nor of the other clauses of these present. CGU. These T & Cs represent the entire agreement between the User and the Webmaster.
16. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute, the T & Cs in force are used as a legal basis. These T & Cs are governed by French law, to the exclusion of any other legislation. Users and visitors agree that the legal venue is established in Nantes, France.
Copyright and illegal content
What is the legal status of accordion-scores.com?
accordion-scores.com is a neutral exchange and hosting platform, strictly respecting the terms of the the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy (Law n ° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, known as LCEN). Thus, having a technical intermediary role (article 6-I-2), no a priori editorial control is exercised on the content of the public files posted by users of the site (article 6-I-7). Obviously illegal content, reported by a third party, is deleted as soon as possible, upon receipt of a notification (Articles 6-I-5 and 6-I-3).
Are public files moderated?
Accordion-scores.com is not a service aimed at promoting illegal downloading. Thus, in order to fight against the dissemination of content protected by copyright, all public files published by users of the site are systematically moderated a posteriori, within a period at the convenience of the webmaster, after they have been put online.
Are private files moderated?
Your private files are ... private. Thus, in order to respect the privacy of users of the site, the private files are not consulted by the moderation team, except in the event of a report by a third party.
What content is prohibited on accordion-scores.com?
It is strictly forbidden to distribute documents:

- for which you do not have the authorization to use and / or distribute (copyright).
- offending human dignity, inciting hatred, advocating terrorism, inciting the consumption of drugs, and, generally, any content prohibited by the Site Terms of Use.
How to report and request the removal of illegal content?
Notifications can be sent to technical support or to the website www.signalement-contenu.fr by email to the webmaster of the site, or by post to the address indicated on the page Legal Notice of the site.
Be sure to identify the rights owner and include the exact address of the relevant document
What is the processing time for reports?
Except in special circumstances, complete requests are processed within a maximum of 14 days after receipt of all the information.
Privacy policy and GDPR compliance
April 2020
This Privacy Policy aims to inform you of the type, scope and purpose of processing your personal data in connection with your use of our site www.accordion-scores.com, in accordance with the requirements of
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation? GDPR).
“Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; a natural person is considered to be identifiable, directly or indirectly, in particular by the assignment of an identifier which may be a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one or more special characteristic (s) (s) expressing the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;
"Processing of personal data" and "Processing": any operation or set of operations, whether or not carried out using automated processes, and applied to personal data, such as collection, recording, organization, preservation, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, distribution or any other form of making available, comparison or linking, as well as restriction, l 'erasure or destruction;
"Controller": the natural or legal person, public authority, department or any other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data; when the purposes and means of processing are determined by national legislative or regulatory provisions or by European regulations or European laws, the controller or the specific criteria applicable to appoint him may be set by a national legislative act or by a European law;
The "Recipient" is a natural or legal person, a public authority, an institution or any other establishment to which the personal data are disclosed, whether or not they are third parties. The authorities which are likely to receive a communication of personal data within the framework of a particular investigative mission are not, however, considered as recipients; the processing of such data by the authorities in question takes place in accordance with the applicable data protection provisions for the purposes of processing;
General informations
Contact details of the Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer
Webmaster, host : Rhea Web Consulting
4283 Express Lane
Suite 6903-111
Sarasota, FL 34249
Legal references
We process personal data on the basis of at least one of the following legal references:
Consent of the person affected by the processing of personal data for one or more purposes (Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter A of the GDPR);
Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party or for the performance of pre-contractual measures taken at the latter's request (Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter B of the GDPR);
Compliance with a legal obligation, to which we are subject (Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter C of the GDPR);
Protection of our legitimate interests or those of third parties (article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter c GDPR);
This Privacy Policy defines the respective legal basis for processing operations.
Data transmission to third parties
We only provide personal data to the Recipient (data processor or other third parties) to the extent necessary and only under one of the following conditions:
The data subject has consented to the disclosure;
The transfer serves for the fulfillment of contractual obligations or pre-contractual measures at the initiative of the data subject;
We are legally obliged to pass them on;
The transmission is made in order to safeguard our legitimate interests or those of third parties;
Third country
The transmission of personal data to a country or an international organization outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) is subject to legal or contractual authorization under the conditions of Article 44 and following of the GDPR. This means that, for the country concerned, there is a Commission decision finding the adequacy under Article of the GDPR, which provides for appropriate safeguards for data protection according to Article 46 of the GDPR, or that Binding internal data protection provisions under Article 47 GDPR exist.
Rights of data subjects
As a data subject, you have the following rights:

In accordance with Article 15 of the GDPR, you can request information on the processing of your data. You can also request information regarding the purposes of the processing, the category of personal data processed, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been or will be disclosed, the planned retention period, the criteria for defining the retention period. , the origin of your data, if it was not collected by us, and the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling and, where applicable, significant information on their details such as logic, the scope and consequences, the existence of a right of rectification or deletion of the data concerning you, the right to restrict the processing or opposition to this processing, the existence of a right of recourse to supervisory authorities; lastly, there is a right to information concerning whether or not personal data is transmitted to a third State or to an international organization and, where applicable, on the guarantees specific to this transmission;
In accordance with Article 16 of the GDPR, you can request the immediate correction of incorrect personal data or that the personal data stored by us be completed;
In accordance with Article 17 of the GDPR, you can request the deletion of the personal data that we have stored concerning you, unless the processing is necessary to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information, to fulfill a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or to assert, exercise or defend legal claims;
In accordance with article 18 of the GDPR, you can request the restriction of the processing of your personal data if you dispute the accuracy of the data, if the processing is illegal but you refuse to delete the data and we no longer have it. need, but if you need it for asserting, exercising or defending legal claims or if you have lodged an objection to processing in accordance with Art.21 GDPR; as long as it has not yet been established that our legitimate reasons predominate in the processing of the data;
In accordance with Article 20 of the GDPR, you have the right to request to receive the personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, current and machine-readable format or to request their transfer to another responsible person;
In accordance with Article 21 of the GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, insofar as there are reasons which arise from your particular situation or if the objection is directed against direct advertising and that the legal bases for the processing of personal data comply with the legitimate interests pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter F of the GDPR;
In accordance with article 7 paragraph 3 of the GDPR, you can revoke your consent at any time. This has the consequence that we are no longer allowed to continue data processing on the basis of this consent in the future;
You have the possibility to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in accordance with Article 77 of the GDPR. As a rule, you can contact the supervisory authority at your place of residence or your usual place of work or at our office.
To assert the rights of data subjects, you can contact us, or contact our data protection officers at any time, using the contact details mentioned above.
Deletion and restriction of personal data
To the extent provided for in this Privacy Policy, if the personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed in any way, it will be deleted, to the extent that it does not go against any legal retention obligation. We delete your personal data which we process in accordance with Art.17 GDPR on request, when the preconditions are met. If the data is not deleted because it is necessary for other permitted legal purposes, its processing will be restricted, in accordance with Article 18 of the GDPR. In case of limitation, the data will not be processed for other purposes. This applies, for example, to data that must be kept for commercial or tax reasons.
As part of our internet offer, we use cookies. These are small files that your browser automatically creates and that are stored on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our site. Cookies do not harm your device and they do not contain viruses or other malware. In the cookie, information is stored, each resulting in a connection with the specific device used. However, this does not mean that we are directly informed of your identity. Cookies are used to make our offer more user-friendly, efficient and secure.
We use session cookies to detect that you have visited pages of our website before during your visit to our site. These cookies also make it possible to provide certain functionalities. "Session cookies" will be deleted automatically after your visit to our website.
In addition we also use temporary cookies to optimize the user experience and the statistical analysis of the use of our site, which will be stored for a period of time on your device. If you visit our site again to take advantage of our services, it will automatically detect that you have visited it before and associate the entries and settings you have made, so that you do not have to re-enter them.
The data processed by cookies are necessary for the purposes mentioned in order to protect our legitimate interests as well as those of third parties in accordance with article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter F GDPR.
Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser so that no cookie is stored on your computer or that a message always appears before a new cookie is created. A general objection to the use of Cookies used for online marketing can be used for different services as indicated under
http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page http://optout.networkadvertising.org. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from using certain functions of our website.
Individual treatments
In order to provide our website, we acquire services from hosting companies, such as web server hosting, storage space, database services, security services and services. of maintenance.
Here we process, respectively, the personal data of the users of our website through our hosting provider on the basis of our legitimate interest in the efficient and secure provision of this website in accordance with article 6 paragraph 1 letter F of the GDPR.
Access data and log files
During a request to our website, in particular when visiting specific pages from your device's browser, certain information is automatically transmitted to our servers. This information will be recorded in log files and will be deleted no later than 12 months later.
The following information will be recorded:
The IP address of the requesting computer,
The date and time of the access,
The name and URL of the file consulted,
The website responsible for the access (referrer URL),
The web browser used and, if applicable, the operating system of your computer as well as the name of your access provider.
The data mentioned will be processed for the following purposes:
Provision of the website including all functions and content
Guarantee of a smooth connection to the website,
Guarantee of comfortable use of our website,
System security and stability
Anonymized statistical evaluation of access
Website optimization
Transmission to legal authorities when an intrusion or attack takes place on our system
Other administrative purposes.
The legal basis for this data processing is Art.6 para. 1 sentence 1 letter F GDPR. Our legitimate interest arises from the purposes listed above for data collection. In any case, we do not use the data collected for the purpose of establishing personal observations concerning you.
Contact form
When using the contact form, you will be asked to enter your name and email address, in order to allow us to get back to you. The other information is not mandatory. The processing of data for contacting us and obtaining an answer to your questions is in accordance with Article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 letter A of the GDPR, by virtue of which you provide them voluntarily. All personal data collected by means of the form will be deleted at your request, provided that their retention is not required in the context of other procedures (for example a subsequent conclusion of a contract).
Comments and contributions
When you leave comments or other contributions on our website, your e-mail and IP address will be stored in accordance with our legitimate interests within the meaning of Art.6 para.1 letter F GDPR. The other information is not mandatory. The purpose of storing your e-mail address is that we can get in touch with you following your comment or contribution and send you any complaints that may invite a position statement. The use of the comment function is not possible if you do not provide an e-mail address. The email address you provided will be stored, but will not be published with the comment.
Our legitimate interest in requesting and storing an e-mail address relates to security aspects, for example in the event that the author infringes the rights of third parties because of his comment (for example in the event of insults) . In this case, we could be sued ourselves because of the comment or the contribution, and thus have a legitimate interest in the storage of the IP address. This collected personal data will only be shared with law enforcement agencies in the event of a criminal investigation. Such data cannot be passed on to third parties.
Creation of a user account - Registration
You have the possibility to register on our website by indicating your e-mail address. Registration is voluntary and complies with Art.6 Para 1 Sentence 1 Letter A GDPR on the basis of your consent to provide this information voluntarily. The other personal data also transmitted come from the relevant input form used for registration. The personal data entered is used for the purposes of our offer as well as for contacting information on the offer and registration. Personal user access will allow you to view and modify your personal data. Your data will be stored as long as you do not delete your user account or until you send us a request to delete your data. If we are obliged to retain your personal data for legal reasons, in particular in the case of tax or commercial regulatory retention periods, you may restrict the processing of your data until the expiration of the corresponding retention period, after which this data will be deleted.
When you register on our site or use your user account, the IP address and time of use will be recorded. The processing of data on the basis of our legitimate interests in the provision of our offer is in accordance with Art.6 Para 1 Sentence 1 Letter F GDPR. Storage is also done for your benefit, to protect you against abuse or other unauthorized use. In principle, this data will not be transmitted to third parties, except within the framework of a contractual obligation provided for by article 6 paragraph 1 letter B of the GDPR or for the follow-up related to possible complaints, or even if there is a legal duty in accordance with Art.6 para. 1 letter C GDPR. IP addresses will be anonymized or deleted, at the latest within 7 days
Payment service provider
Accordion-scores.com uses Stripe as a payment provider. Stripe acts as an online payment service provider and trustee, and offers protection services to both buyer and seller. When paying via Stripe, by credit card via Stripe, by bancontact via Stripe, your name, email address, products purchased, invoice amount as well as account address and billing address will be transmitted to Stripe as part of the payment process. When applying the credit card payment methods through Stripe, bancontact through Stripe, Stripe decides whether to approve the payment process, if necessary through a credit inquiry, at the level of credit capabilities and reduction to the strict minimum of payment defaults. As part of the credit check, likelihood values ​​will be used (called “score value”), in the calculation of which the postal data will be included. The calculation of these score values ​​is based on a scientifically recognized mathematical and statistical process. In case of insufficient creditworthiness, Stripe may refuse the chosen payment method. The legal basis for processing is article 6 paragraph 1 letter B of the GDPR.
If you do not agree with the transmission of the data, or if you believe that your creditworthiness is not suitable for the chosen payment method, please use another payment method. More information on how Stripe processes your personal data can be found on the
Stripe's Privacy Policy.
Statistics, analysis and advertising
Google Ads
This website uses the services of Google Ads to integrate advertisements. Google Ads employs cookies and web beacons for recognition and analysis of the page visit. Web beacons are small, non-visible graphic files that analyze information, such as clicks on advertisements or traffic on web pages. This service detects the IP address with which you visited our Internet pages and, where applicable, the data required by Google Ads to provide advertisements. The IP address transmitted by your browser in connection with Google Ads will in no way be linked to other data by Google Ads. In addition, this information may be passed on to third parties, if required by law or if third parties process this data on our behalf or on behalf of Google Ads. You can prevent the storage of cookies by making specific settings in your browser. We would like to inform you, however, that you may no longer be able to use all the functions of this website in full.
Google services
The provider of the following services is Google Ireland Limited (register number: 368047), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irland (hereinafter "Google").
The legal grounds for the use of the following Google services lie in our legitimate interests pursuant to Art.6 para.1 letter F GDPR.
Google has joined the Privacy Shield Agreement between the European Union and the United States, and has therefore adhered to European data protection standards, thereby satisfying EU requirements regarding the legitimacy of data transfer from personal data to the United States. Information on Google's own obligations can be found at the following address:
https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt000000001L5AAI&status=Active Additional information on how Google processes your personal data can be found in the Google data protection declaration. Information on the options for configuring and opposing the use of data for advertising purposes through Google is available on the following pages:
Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics from Google. Google Analytics uses cookies. Google collects data on the user's visit to our website. These data make it possible to ensure a production adapted to demand and a continuous optimization of our website, in order to measure the success of marketing measures and to produce statistical analyzes. For this purpose, an anonymized profile of the user will be created and cookies will be used. The information produced by the cookie when you use this website, such as the version / type of browser, the operating system used, the referring URL (the page visited before), the name of the web host. the visiting computer (IP address), the time of the request to the server, will be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and saved there. User and event data will be deleted within 26 months. This information may possibly be transmitted to third parties, if required by law or if third parties process this data on our behalf or on behalf of Google. Your IP address will in no case be combined with other data by Google. The IP addresses will be anonymized so that it is not possible to identify you. You can prevent the storage of cookies by making specific settings in your browser. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in this case you may not be able to fully use all the functions of this website. In addition, you can prevent the creation produced by the cookie and the collection of data about your use of the web page by Google, as well as the processing of this data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser extension available under the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de Vous pouvez empêcher la collecte par Google Analytics en cliquant sur le lien désactiver Google Analytics et en utilisant un cookie opt-out. Ce cookie permet qu'à l'avenir, aucune donnée de visiteur de votre navigateur ne soit collectée et sauvegardée par Google Analytics lors de la visite de ce site Internet : désactiver Google Analytics Attention : Si vous effacez les cookies, cela entraîne aussi la suppression du cookie de désabonnement, le cas échéant qui devra de nouveau être activé.
Google Analytics demographics
This website uses the "demographic characteristics" function of Google Analytics. Thus, reports containing references to the age, gender and interests of our page visitors can be produced. This data comes from Google's advertising interests as well as visitor data from third-party providers. These data will not identify a specific person. The legal basis for the use of the following Google services lies in our legitimate interests in the optimization of our website and in the optimal marketing pursuant to Art.6 para. 1 letter F GDPR.
You can deactivate this function at any time in the display settings of your Google account or prohibit the recording of your data by Google Analytics as indicated in the general section “Objection to the acquisition of data”.
Google Analytics remarketing
This website uses Google Analytics Remarketing from Google. Google Analytics Remarketing will be used to present advertisements to the visitor, the content of which relates to the web pages visited. Google uses cookies to recognize the visitor who has visited web pages of the Google advertising network. This service detects the IP address with which you visited our Internet pages and, where applicable, the data that Google requires for the provision of Analytics Remarketing. The IP address transmitted by your browser will in no case be combined with other data by Google. The information generated by your use of this web page will be stored on a server in the United States. This information may also be transmitted to third parties, if required by law or if third parties process this data on our behalf or on behalf of Google. You can prevent the storage of cookies by making specific settings in your browser. We would like to inform you, however, that you may no longer be able to use all the functions of this website in full. If you still want to remove the remarketing function from Google, you can deactivate it using the corresponding settings via the link: http://www.google.com/settings/ads
This site is protected by reCAPTCHA. Privacy Policy and Terms of use from Google apply.
Legal Notice
Under Article 6 of the Law 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy the users of this site are informed of the identity of the various parties involved in its implementation and monitoring: Rhea Web Consulting
4283 Express Lane
Suite 6903-111
Sarasota, FL 34249
Thank you to kindly use support@accordion-scores.com for any request concerning the site.
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