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tmartin posted a discussion
Hi, can anyone help me with a song composed by Marcel Azzola:"Danseuse Etoile". It's a very nice mazurka.Best regards tmartin

i display your message on the french forum. I'm confident that one of our french member has it. Best would be for you to loive a message in the topic :
so you would be notify when someone will answer !
Best Regards
Thank you very much !
You're welcome !!
Yeah, i did coz english community is still small on the website and many are french speakers or learnt over the years to use the french version... It takes time to build a big community in a new language. Don't hesitate to share with friends, etc to help community to grow.
A new version of website will be soon online. In that one, all languages will be display on the same forum so that everyone can see your topics ;)
Hello again,I'm looking forward to the new version, it will be exciting. Keep on the good work!
Thank you very much for support !!

We do keep on !! Now, english translation is on progress and we're about to finish administration set ups !
Still have a little patience but it's coming very soon ;)
Have a good day :)
Here's the translation of Lionel's (yoyodu77) answer.

Seen under the Youtube clip (for the title sought)


1 year ago

Dancer Star is a piece by Marcel Azzola and Louis Peguri. At the end of one of these concerts with his pianist Lina Bossatti, a few years ago, I asked Marcel Azzola if he could send me a copy of this piece which was no longer edited. With the great kindness that characterized him he sent it to me. Thank you Marcel for all his nice notes. All accordionists will miss you.

It is possible to write to him via the comments of Youtube.

Best would be for you to drop a message in the topic so you would receive a notice for every answers.

tmartin posted a discussion
Hi,the last couple of weeks it has been problems to view and download scores. It is VERY slow. Pls check this up.
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Hi tmartin,
we did an update to make it faster. First update seemed to have messed up shoowing and another few functions just for some members (first comment on rapidity, others were display). None in the team was experiencing those bugs so it has been hard to reproduce and fix. We did an update yesterday and it seems that it did work.  We're not experiencing unusual slowness right now, please come to us on if you still experiencing slowness.
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